What In The World

Is Feng Shui?


1 x 60 Historical, cultural, lifestyle documentary
Distribution direct with MagoFilms

Feng Shui; One of the East’s oldest and most respected philosophies continues to become a major influence in Western culture as multinational corporations and ordinary people embrace its ideology in their everyday living. Sets out to discover the 6000 year history behind Feng Shui and understand the West’s fascination with it.

But what in the World is Feng Shui? Is it science or showmanship? Is it feasible to believe that our lives will be more prosperous and harmonious by following a set of philosophical design principles or is there true substance to be found in its practice?

This unique programme and DVD explores these questions and many more with interviews from both Asian and Western practitioners including Feng Shui Masters and academics who offer diverse points of view regarding the history, science, tools and applications, both physical and metaphysical, of Feng Shui in big business and domestic lifestyles.

Boasting exclusive DVD features, What in the World is Feng Shui? also offers a practical and simple how-to guide filled with helpful tips on incorporating Feng Shui into your everyday living to achieve personal balance and harmonious living in today’s hectic world.

Special Features:
A simple guide to Feng Shui at home
Feng Shui and the next five years
8 practical tips on Feng Shui living

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