Marian Bartsch established MAGO Films in 1999 and has produced close to 100 hours of successful and award-winning, factual entertainment and television documentaries.

Including the landmark ABC-commissioned WW1 documentary, “The Waler: Australia’s Great War Horse” or “Great War Horses.” An international title, which was nominated for an AFI/AACTA Award for Best Cinematography and a Screen Producers Australia Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary. Additionally, this film won a Gold Tripod at the Australian Cinematographers Society National Awards in 2013. “Great War Horses” also screened BBC4, Netflix and NGO.

Marian is currently Executive Post Producer on an A&E UK (10 x 1 hr )True Crime series entitled Secrets of the Interrogation Room for the UK production company engaging ten Western Australian off line editors and edit producers to handle the the off line work load. This post production deal she closed has resulted in over a year’s worth of post production activity into the state in collaboration with Sandbox. ABC Artworks also commissioned a short film for Artworks entitled Pure Imagination which will TX on the ABC on the 12 October 2022.

Other documentaries include the historical film “Hoover’s Gold” and “Life Architecturally”, nominated for Best Arts Documentary at the prestigious ATOM Awards. This documentary was screened at the NY Architecture and Design Film Festival and FIFA in Montreal. “The Fabulous Flag Sisters” won Best Documentary at the Roma Film Festival and at WA Screen Awards for excellence in Documentary Production in 2009.

Known for producing factual lifestyle content for ABC, Discovery Channel, SBS Food NITV, NGO and Foxtel over the years, including four series of “Surfing the Menu “ with Curtis Stone for ABC and Discovery, followed by “Surfing the Menu Next Generation,” a reboot of this globally successful food travel format. ScreenWest awarded Marian an Outstanding Achievement Award in International Marketplace in 2006.   Other lifestyles titles include “Recipes that Rock”, “On Country Kitchen”, an indigenous food travel series for NITV and SBS, and two series of “Born to Cook” featuring Jack Stein for UKTV and SBS Food Network. Furthermore Marian has produced an environmental short film for Discovery Channel, entitled “Shark Soup” about the shark fin trade filmed in HK.

See Selected Credits Marian Bartsch Producer

2022   Secrets of the Interrogation Room, 10 x 1hr, A&E, Executive Post Producer

2022  Pure Imagination by Janice Wong, ABC  Artworks, Producer

2019   On Country Kitchen  x  2 series, 9 x 25 min  NITV / SBS, Producer 

2018   Born To Cook Jack Stein Kimberley, 6 x 26 min, SBS UKTV, Producer 

2017  Shark Soup 1 x 10 min, Discovery Channel Aust, Producer 

2017  Born To Cook Jack Stein, 4 x 26 min  SBS UKTV, Producer 

2016  On Country Kitchen, 6 x 25 min  NITV / SBS, Producer 

2015    Surfing the Menu the Next Generation (13 x 25 min), ABC / Discovery Asia, Producer 

2015  Carlcuccio’s Six Season, 6 x 25 min SBS (for CM Films), Co Producer

2014   The Waler Aust Great War Horse, 1×57 min& 1x75min ABC TV, Producer 

2013-14   Recipes that Rocks, (Series 1 & 2), UK Food Network/ NGO, Producer

2013  Tribal Scent, 1 x 60 min  NITV (for CM Films), Co Producer 

2011  Life Architecturally, 1 x 56 min, ABC, Producer 

2010  Quickies in My Kitchen, 13 x 30 mins, Foxtel Lifestyle Channel, Producer 

2007 – 2009    The Best in Australia (3 series), 8 x 46 min Foxtel Lifestyle Channel, Producer                                                                         

2007  The Fabulous Flag Sisters, 1 x 60min, SBS and Fox Italy, Producer 

2006 Surfing the Menu, 8 x 26 minutes (Series 4), produced Eight-part  x 30 min ABC/ Asia/Discovery UK/TV3 NZ/XYZ Entertainment, Producer 

2005 2005       Hoover’s Gold, 1 x 60 min, SBS, Producer

2004 – 2005   Surfing the Menu, (Series 2 & 3), ABC/ Discovery UK/TV3 NZ/XYZ, Producer                                                                       

2003 Surfing the Menu  (8 x 26), Food, travel, adventure series ABC/UKTV, Producer     

2001   What in the World is Feng Shui, 1 x 60 min Calton International Distributional, Producer 

2000   Xpats the Alien Connection , 1 x 50 min ABC, Producer/Director 

1999  Appetite for Asia, 13 x 26 min (For  CVA Film and TV), Producer