On Country Kitchen

Documentary / Lifestyle Entertainment

Meet Derek Nannup, a Noongar man from Western Australia; comic, actor, dancer, circus performer, didgeridoo player, much loved children’s hospital clown doctor as well as a cultural presenter for school kids and tourists. Derek’s jokes never switch off.

Meet Mark, Known as ‘The Black Olive’, a Bundjalung man from New South Wales. Mark is a well-known chef and television personality who specialises in native ingredients. Cooking for over 30 years around Australia and with many appearances across the world, Mark is famous for his charismatic personality and his unique creative approach to food.

But Derek doesn’t know how to cook. Mark generously offers to teach him, on the condition that Derek goes off to collect the fresh produce from around the countryside. Derek goes on the hunt, around the beautiful South-West of Western Australia – home to some of the best produce in the world.

Join Derek on his adventure to discover local food producers and watch as Mark opens up his culinary world to Derek, as the two cook up not only mouth-watering dishes, but a bit of fun too.