Surfing The Menu

Series 2

Lifestyle Entertainment

Back from last year’s hot summer treat, Australia’s hunkiest celebrity chefs, Ben O’Donoghue (BBC’s The Best) and Curtis Stone (My Restaurant Rules) head back home for another gastronomical trip around Australia in their new DVD release, Surfing the Menu Series 2.

As seen recently on ABC-TV, this new series features twice the adventure, fun and excitement as the two world-class chefs once again escape their London kitchens to embark on an Aussie adventure of a lifetime.

With their surfboards and boning knives packed, they’ve hijacked a film crew to cook up a Gourmet Adventure Series that’s one part travel show and two parts cooking show; you won’t be able to decide which is tastiest – the places they take you, the dishes they create, or the boys themselves!

Travel to the Ningaloo Coast, Kakadu, Cairns Highlands, Albany, Mornington Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, Freo and Rotto, and Sydney, to meet some unconventional characters and discover the unique produce of Australia, cooked in some of the most spectacular locations on earth.