Life Architecturally

Documentary / Lifestyle Entertainment

“A fascinating and moving documentary profiling the whimsically stylish creations of a design duo working on the edge” – Graeme Blundell, TV Reviewer – The Australian.

LIFE ARCHITECTURALLY goes behind the scenes at work and at home to follow internationally acclaimed husband and wife team, architect Robert McBride and interior designer Debbie Ryan, to discover what inspires their groundbreaking architectural concepts and designs.

Their outstanding architecture is changing the face of Melbourne. While their spiral shaped “Klein Bottle House” achieved the ultimate accolade: the prestigious World Architecture Festival Award in Barcelona (2009) for best residential house in the world.

These dynamic, down-to-earth, married-with-kids couples are leading lights in the modern architectural movement. Many consider their buildings works of art. And as with most art, it’s often controversial.

A copper dome shaped house that fits together like a jigsaw puzzle; a beach house that unfurls from a letterbox, a rail-yard signalmen’s building that looks like a jewel box and a house extension that resembles a cloud. LIFE ARCHITECTURALLY follows the day-to-day lives of Rob and Debbie over a period of a year, examining the intricacies of their unique working relationship and the inspiration behind their iconic and sometimes controversial works.

This intimate documentary observes the pressures of building a multi-story, twin-tower development, revolutionary new schools, one in the shape of an infinity symbol, alongside the construction and design of their own family home – which is on the backburner once again. It also follows Rob and Debbie as they prepare their pitch as part of an international consortium to win the contract to design and construct a prestigious new billion-dollar building, the newest and biggest cancer care centre in the Southern Hemisphere. Plus there’s a personal reason behind their passion to create a building of hope for cancer patients and their families.

The stakes are high. The vision is bold. It’s the embodiment of a Life Architecturally.

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