Born to Cook

Jack Stein Down Under

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Jack Stein, acclaimed British chef, has recently taken charge of the nine restaurants under the Stein umbrella conceived by his celebrity father Rick. Jack has burst onto the scene ready to put his own spin on the produce Australia has to offer.

Working his way through WA’s South-West and the Southern Forrests region, Jack Stein is meeting the producers at the helm of the foodie revolution defining the region.

From finger limes to famous surfers, Jack’s excitement is palpable as he makes his way across the landscape in his burnt orange Sandman, Delilah. Throw this all together and we’ve got a recipe for a fresh, light and simple cooking experience as Jack egdes in his professional home-tips to give even the most basic home chef’s dish the “wow” factor.

Join Jack on his adventure to show that he was really born to cook.